Starmass works purely on commission basis to assist China-based suppliers export their products into global market, and Starmass will initiate the business and introduce suppliers to build up direct relationship with our customers, which means the suppliers will be able to do business with our customers directly, the suppliers only need to pay us commission after receipt of payment from our customers. The supplies can utilize the relation and experience we have to expand their business without any overhead and risks.

Below are the detailed approach we used to assist China-based suppliers to export their products:

  • we will preliminarily source and screen prospective suppliers based on our customer' requirements.

  • we will evaluate and identify one suitable supplier as our business partner to work closely with the customer, identification of suitable supplier is based on various aspects such as suppliers' prices, product capability, QA system, and service etc.

  • if samples required, we will arrange the pre-qualified supplier to send samples to our US office, our US colleagues will forward the samples to the customer.

  • we will sign a commission agreement with the supplier whose samples accepted by the customer.

  • after signing the commission agreement, we will fully provide the supplier (our partner) with customer's contact information. At this stage, the customer should be pretty familiar with the supplier we introduced and are keen on establishing business with the supplier.

  • we will assist the supplier to prepare documents such as RFI, RFQ as per the customer' requirements.

  • we will provide guideline to our partner on how they should prepare for factory auditing, if it is required by the customer.

  • we will assist the supplier to finally win the project with our experience and relationship with the customer.

  • the supplier will sign contract and receive payment from the customer directly.

  • the supplier need to pay us commission only after receipt of payment from the customer.


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